Monday, September 29, 2014

September Fun 2014

Apple cinnamon play dough! 1/2 cup of each: cinnamon, apple sauce , flour. 1 tsp corn starch. Smells wonderful!

Apple Sauce Butter cream Icing
1 cup powdered sugar, 1 stick of butter, 2-3 tablespoons of aapplesauce Top cupcake or muffin with sugar-cinnamon mixture

Easy Uno- Numbers and colors only
Mummy fun

Ninja Fun with TP rolls

Tunnel Boggle Jr and Tunnel Animal grab (I put all felt animals into the tunnel and told him a selection to retrieve to boost memory and audio skills)

name maze for name recongnition
hammering practice

rubberbands around a ball
Counting squares race

letter bowl

Quiet Time basket
Trampoline park

$2 find

$4 game at Walmart

Condensed milk paint- open a can, pour into a few separate bowl and add food coloring

another $4 game
Basic reading from sight words he already knows

pom pom patterns

sensory sand bag--fells great!

felt wall

playing with a friend's bunny

P is for porcupine. Idea from school but, it was a hot salt dough mess, so we started over

Play Doh emotions

Angry Birds!

Apple Picking

Bobbing for apple slices

berry picking
Vet play

ABC game-- start behind a. Move as many letters as the die directs. Take turns. First to Z wins (3 is move to C from start of play)

Fishing out of a bag 

Spaghetti brush painting

Butterfly Cycle

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Picking out clothes for the week with this helper dude


Jump N Jacks

Bug Museum off 115