Monday, November 29, 2010

Daddy's Man Shower

Not too many pictures were taken at the "Man Shower." What happens at a Man Shower, stays at a Man Shower. Next time, could you please not break the dining room table?

Mom made a giraffe cupcake display.

Guests were asked to bring a pack of diapers instead of gifts.

Mommy's CA Shower

Memory Tray Game

Baby Clothesline (Hey, those are my clothes, Mom!)

Mommy's friends Angela and Malinda threw a great shower! Diane helped too, but she was behind the camera!

The beautiful cake Christy made!

John and Abby playing the sock sort game...went on to play two tie breaker games!

Toilet paper game (Mom was 10 pieces around her belly).

My Grandma "Del"
Baby Photo Match Game

San Francisco Zoo! Luv U Zoo Mommy Shower (Mom won the Rock n' Play Sleeper)

Mom won this for me!