Thursday, February 28, 2013

Number Recognition

I created this number recognition activity for Caden. I wrote on the plate the word, numeric, and dots to represent quantity. Then I gave Caden assorted number shapes (magnets, puzzle pieces, and Easter eggs. later, I will introduce dice too. I think I should have started with just one of the aforementioned manipulatives. He started to play with the pieces after a few minutes versus learning. I give this activity an A-. It's simple and can easily be built upon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Window Crayons

I give this activity a B. I haven't actually tried to clean the window yet. But Caden did color on his toys, and it came right off with baby wipes. I gave him one color at a time.

Don't Toss that Baby Toy (yet)! Part I

This is a common toy. Retail approx. $16.99. I see it all of the time at our local thrift store. I wonder if people know the age span of this toy. The manufacturer's suggested age is 9 months and up.It can actually be used from age 0 to 5! Here's how:
0-6 Months: Place on baby's high chair tray and play "Peek a Boo" with the animals. As you open the animals say "open." As you close say "close." Also say, "hello" and "goodbye" to the animals. You can also call each animal by name: "Hello giraffe!"
"Goodbye lion."
6 months to a year: Baby will be able to close the animals "goodbye" and may be able to open some (the press button on the panda bear might be the easiest to open). Continue to teach "open and close" and "hello and goodbye." Begin, if you haven't already, calling the animals by their names.
One year to two years: Continue hello and goodbye and open and close. Continue to call the animals by name, "Can you close the elephant?"
"Can you open the monkey?" Begin teaching colors. "Close the red panda bear." Eventually just say, close the red one." Children can begin to try and open each one. Use these verbs to cue: turn (to the right, left), flip (up and down), switch (up and down or left and right), press (in), pull (down).
Two to three: Open and close should be mastered. Review it often. Hello and goodbye should be mastered as well. Animals names should be mastered. Continue to work on colors and directive verbs (turn, flip, switch, press, pull). Introduce the numbers on the lids of the animals. Open all of the animal lids and then count as you close them: one, two, three, four, five. Next say, "Can you close number one? two? three? etc."
Four and five: All five colors (your model may vary in colors), animals (again, your model may vary), and numbers 1-5 should be mastered. The child should be able to open and close all doors. Next begin working on simple math. Open all of the doors. Say. "We have five. Let's close one. Now how many do we have?"
Continue with 5-2=3, 5-3=2, 5-4=1, 5-5=0;
4-1=3, 4-2=2, 4-3=1, 4-4=0;
 3-1=2, 3-2=1, 3-3=0;
2-1=1, 2-2=0;

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christian Craft Corner

Psalm 100 Noise Maker (We're trying this one tonight. I'll use dried beans to make the noise.)


Jesus Knocking Door Hanger

Jesus Loves Me Craft

Nativity Set Craft

Resurrection Set

Walk with Jesus Craft

Trinity Craft

My Own Craft

Foot Prints in the Sand

Link to Poem
Beaded Cross

Trinity Shamrock
Three in One Printable and Song

Palm Sunday Craft


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wet Chalk

We dipped large size chalk in water and colored on black construction paper. Much smoother effect than dry chalk. Activity B+

Snow and ice play

I froze some dyed water in ice cube trays. We used these icecubes in the snow box and also in the bath tub (sorry didn't get any pics in the tub). There are lots of other things you can do with dyed, frozen cubes:  melt primary colors together to see what new colors emerge; paint with ice cubes on white paper; play in the tub like we did; sugar free treats (trust me, he ate a few). Activity grade A for lots of possibilities and ease of preparation.

Snow Play

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blossom Tree (popcorn fun)

I painted a loose rendition of an almond tree last night. Tonight I glued it to some left over felt and air popped some popcorn for Caden to decorate the tree with "blossoms." I will glue them in the next step. B activity. He started to feed the popcorn to the dog. Sigh.

Around the House Part II

Give your child a pair of tongs in order to increase the level of skill associated with common tasks and activities. Here Caden is stacking cups and playing with a shape sorter--common activities--but he is using (er trying) tongs. Activity grade A.

Large books are hard for little hands to hold and point to pictures at the same time. I placed one of his favorite picture books in a plate holder to keep the pages open. He laid down and got comfortable while enjoying and pointing to the pictures.
 No grade, just an idea. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Water Color and Gravity Painting

I give  this activity a B. I taped the three pieces of paper together and then flipped them over so that the taped side was down on the slide. I then taped the top piece directly to the top of the slide. I place a single piece of paper at the bottom to collect any run off (I should have placed paper towels). I placed a few drops of water in each water color well using  a dropper. My son then used droppers and paint brushes to pick up the color and let it run down the slide. Fun, a little bit messy though.

As a preactivity, have your toddler roll balls and other objects down the slide. Talk about what happens to the objects. It seems that the objects want to find the floor, doesn't it! This is gravity!

Beyond: You could roll marbles  or golf balls in paint and let them roll down the slide as well.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Doggie Prints

I give this activity a B+. Older kids will have better luck getting clean prints. It's very important that you have the kind of dogs who allow children to grab, pat, and play with their limbs as long as the child is gentle, and you are observant. Our dogs are great. They have been with us since before Caden was born. If you're dogs are aggressive to any degree, DO NOT try this with your children. Make this an adult craft in order to remember your precious fur babies long after they've passed.  I wish I had thought of this before my cat of 15 years passed last year.
Note: I wrote on the prints with "Sharpie" while the clay was dry. We used Crayola brand modeling clay.