Friday, November 15, 2013

NEW Speech and cognitive supported activities for toddlers

Fly or Not Fly? Sorting Animals. A variation is "Swim or Not Swim? Use plastic animals or pictures of animals to play. Addition, make the sounds of the animals before saying it either flies or doesn't.

Here we are playing Swim or Not Swim?

Alive or Not Alive? Use cards or small toys to play. I told my son that things that are alive breathe, and move, and grow.

Hot or Not Hot? I printed out images using Microsoft Clip Art, and we played this game. The child must form sentences when playing. "Milk is not hot," etc.
Place various objects in the tub. Ask child if you can eat or not eat--. Have him say, "Yes, you can eat corn," etc.

These ideas were presented to me by or son's speech pathologist, Ms. Zamudio.

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