Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alphabet Art- updated weekly

Alphabet Art

Inspiration and cute rhymes from here 

Here are the stickers that I use:

A is for apple.

A is for Ants. 

A is for aluminum 

B is for bumble bee.

B is for bubble.

C is for cat.

C is for cow. 

D is for Dots. 

D is for Dinosaur

E is for eyes

E for elephant

F is for feathers

G is for goldfish
We used our thumb for the body, and pinky for the back fins. We drew the face with a Sharpie.

G is for giraffe

H is for hexagon 

H for hippos
I for ice cream

J is for jelly fish

foam J stamps
K is for kite

L is for  Lion 
M is for moon
N for number stamps

O for oval

p for penguin 
Q for quilt

R for Rhino

S for star

T for tiger

U for underwater
V for Valentine
W for wheel (pasta wheel stamped)

X for xylophone 

Y for yellow wheels
Z for zebra

Post under construction. Check back soon!

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