Monday, February 10, 2014

Preschool's out for a week? Your to do survival guide

This week my son only has school for two days due to parent conferences. It got me thinking about what we're going to do with all this time on our hands. TV is not my favorite option. So here's  a list of things we've done today (Monday) and what we'll do the rest of the week. Pulling it all out and having it on the breakfast bar is what works best for me. It might be a bit messy and cluttered, but it's going to be messy with a full time preschooler home anyway. If you have older kids and you want to have stuff ready for them too, say for spring break, you might consider bins that say, "Do not open until noon on Wednesday," etc. to keep the activities from being all used up and to encourage longer, more purposeful, intent play.

Boy or Girl Posters
Yes, gender identification is a skill that educators and therapists look for in early childhood development milestones. I used an old activity magazine and cut out all the people I saw. He did well, except short haired females trip him up. We're working on other factors such as bone structure. I know! Not easy for a three year old!

Aqua Doodle
These are great. They work with just water. We've used the included water wand, paintbrushes, even our hands and feet (wet, of course) to create pictures that dry up and leave  a new canvas in about 5 minutes.

Dry Erase Board and Dry erase Crayons

Need I say more?

Dry Erase Crayons and Board from Crayola
Little ones might want to color directly on the sheet, but you're supposed to leave it tucked under the plastic so the image can be used again and again.

Color your own stickers. 
Stickers are from the Dollar Tree.

Window Markers

For use on windows and glass doors. Easy to remove with a bit of Windex.

Crayola Color Wonder Products

They have coloring books and even puzzles to color. They nly work with the CW pens, so they won't mark your upholstery or carpet.

Another Crayola product, Art Rubbings

The only pain with this system is that after you use the included sheets that fit perfectly, you'll have to cut out your own rectangles. White computer paper works well.

Magnetic Scenes
No he can't have all at once, just one scene and bag of coordinating magnets. 

Golf Ball Painting

Mix your own paint
We should never buy orange, purple, or green paint again! Really they're such a waste of money when kids learn from mixing their own. We used an old apple juice container, poster paint, a bit of water, and a few marbles.

Then we used our newly created purple paint to do the golf ball plus marble painting again.

Then...we painted with a toilet paper roll.


Rubber Band Painting (Also good for guitar practice)

Alphabet Box
We used a shoebox from a new pair of shoes. I cut slits with a kitchen knife. The sticks are lowercase letters, and the box has uppercase. 

My son pulled this down on his own and started lacing!

 Sequencing and Which is Different?
Okay, it's not all art 24-7. I made these sequencing (what comes next?) sheets and which is different? (odd ball) with construction paper and stickers. The color is distorted in the pictures. There are three red stars and one purple in the first strip. And then three red apples and one green one. last, is three purple stars and one pink. There are more on the back for saving space and paper and maximizing the effort. 

Etch Art
These are Valentines cards, but we'll just use them to scratch off and create art all year.

ABC Foam Letter Sticky Squirt

Yep. Foam letters stick to smooth services with a bit of water.

Got these at Walmart today. Haven't used them, but seem promising. 

Wall Puzzle
Caden got this in the mail from a family friend. We're super excited to see if it works and really sticks to the wall when it's complete.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pre Writing Worksheets (Click here)

The Crocodile Game click for more

Play Doh Cup Cake Counting click for more

Pom Pom Race click for more

Melissa and Doug Spelling Toy

Sticky Pom Pom Counting click for more

What's in the Sock? click for more

Duplo Count click for more

Window Writing click for more

Ring Toss click for more

Bag Mix click for more


Clothespin match up (use numbers, upper/lowercase, whatever you can imagine!)

Pipe Cleaner Weave click for more

Corn Starch Prints click for directions

Lava Lamp click for directions

Dinosaur Fossils! click for recipe

Fizzy Tray click for more

Letter Swat click for more ideas

Spoon Match

Paper Towel Shoot click for ideas

Lollipop Tree
(teacher appreciation gift)

For more ideas click here.

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