Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lollipop Tree

Paper Towel Shoot

For older kids, have them add what falls into the tray (a ball in 3 and a ball in 5 is 8 points). For younger kids, have them state the number that the ball lands in.

Spoon Match

Letter Swat

Call out letters, beginning sounds, animals (they swat the letter that the animal begins with), possibilities are endless. For summer, add a water squirt bottle.

Fizzy Tray

Dinosaur Fossils!

Here's the link for the dough and original inspiration post:  

Corn Starch Prints

Mix equal parts Corn Starch and water. Add color. Swirl with tooth pick. Cut strips of paper. QUICKLY DIP and lift paper. Air dry.

Pipe Cleaner Weave

Clothespin Alphabet Plate

Variations, numbers, uppercase and lower case letters, child's name, etc. Have fun with this hand strength builder (hand strength needed for writing and scissor use).