Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Amazing Month of May

So I yanked C out early from school in late April because I wasn't pleased with how things were going. Like, really displeased with the staff and curriculum. So here's what we've been up to all May. I usually do individual posts for each activity to make it easy for pinners to find (less scrolling), but who has time for that? Here's hoping you'll have as much fun (and learning) as we did!

Spider Web

Sport some facial hair and teeth

Magic Fizzy  Tray 

Click for more

Ice on the Aqua Doodle

Pretend Garden Play

We planted "seeds" (pom poms), then I took the bin in the other room and replaced them with veggies. He was surprised and delighted every time!


Place a cookie tray in your freezer, THEN add water. Freeze. Cut cup in half, get pennies and popsicle sticks. Play. Enjoy.

PlayDoh Name Activities

Fine motor Button Pick Up (test/review child's knowledge of colors and shapes)

Shoe Box Puppet Theatre

Can you tell we had just painted? The puppets are from IKEA.

Name Rub

Use Elmer's glue to write or draw on scrap cardboard. let dry for several hours or over night. Your kids will be amazed!

Sidewalk chalk

This stuff is rad. 1 cup corn starch. 1 cup water. pour into muffin tins. Add food coloring. Give each one a sir. Paint; watch it dry into chalk.

Marble Run

Easy, do you really need directions? :0)

Real object Match

Find objects, trace, give to child, supervise if small objects are used!

Ice Castle

Name Duplo

Bird feeder

Bird feeder using paper towel roll, peanut butter, hole punch, string, bird feed. Punch holes before you lather in PB and seed! :)

Nature collage

Button Snake

Wet Marbles

We recorded how many marbles 1, 2, 3 Kleenex could hold. Fun little science experiment I saw at my son's OT office.

Dino Hatch

I made a thick paste of baking soda and water. I placed a mini dino in the middle and let them harden over night. He is spraying vinegar to hatch them.

Life Size Game

I ended up buying more of these soccer spot dots for the team. We made a huge Candyland for C that included the cupcake, peanut etc from images I found in Word.

Letter Hunt

Kid too young for word search? Try letter hunting!

Mirror Play

Next time we'll use shapes and play with symmetry.

Shoot Ten

You know all those annoying shooting a spear toys you're getting at 'Donald's? Well we made a game called shoot ten! He shoots numbers that add up to ten!

I spy alphabet jar

Dye the rice using 2 tablespoons for rubbing alcohol, 3-4 drops of food coloring, and 2 cups of rice (per color) in a gallon ziplock bag. Squish and smooth until all rice is colored. Pour out into cookie tray. Stir every couple of hours or leave out overnight for alcohol to evaporate. We used a Parmesan container and got the beads at Walmart. 

Clothes Pin alphabet order

A pinterest favorite!

Duct Tape Bracelet!

Sticky though so caution when removing as you'll have to use scissors to cut off.

Foil Finger paint

This is awesome because when you're done, you just throw the piece of foil away and minimal clean up with soapy water to your cookie tray!

Gone Game

Another pinterest favorite! Roll and subtract beans until they're all gone. 1 player or many (each child needs his own mat and beans). We placed the die in a food storage to keep from rolling away. Yea that's right. Shake it and "roll" it right in a storage container. You're welcome.

Sun screen art

I think next time we'll use an oil free, but this was fun and easy. We could see the sun's effect on the paper. Next time we'll use just stencil shapes and letters left on the paper out in the sun for a few hours.

Shaving Cream Fun

Make Lemonade

Mini Melty Beads

Purchased at Walmart. Parents only should iron beads.

Name String

Weigh Station

I got this at the thrift store BRAND new for $3. Not sure my luck can be repeated, but maybe you can make your own or find another weigh station?

Stretch on Yoga Ball

He's reaching to get letters. You could do this with puzzle pieces too. Any OT would love this! Great rainy day activity too. P.S. It's hard to take pictures when you're holding a squirmy three year old's feet :)

Marble Balance

Potential for tick tac toe if you had a preschooler who understood the game and two sets of different colored marbles.

Alphabet Wheel

Writing in threes

Write it, wet it, dry it. We never got to the dry it part and I wrote it so.... but hey maybe you'll do better :) OT recommended this.

Indoor Fishing!

Cornstarch over laminated name

Window Crayons under cornstarch

Lentils over laminated name

Curling pipe cleaners around pencils

Bubble wand from straws


 Marble maze

Curled pipe cleaners (cut into thirds) in water with magnet (water intensifies the magnetic pull)

Paint with paper plate, paper clip, and magnet underneath

Pipe cleaner dance (we're really into magnets this month)

We played zoo train, or is it train zoo?

We did a cloud experiemnt

PS have you noticed C hates wearing pants when he's at home!!!! 

Jar 1/3 filled steaming water, lit match held inside for a few seconds then dropped in, plate on top covered in ice for 1 min. Remove plate of ice and release your cloud.

Puzzle hide and seek

Stencil painting

wish I had the results, but the pages flew away! we'll try again next month with rocks :)

Loom Weaving

After some play we finally made something. An ugly something.

Body Sticker Match

I wrote on C using washable markers in capital letters. I wrote lower case on sticker dots.

Ocean Jello

We made some clothes pin caterpillars, and C retold the story, um kind of.

Dino Dig Out in lentils

Letter and number fishing

Thrift Store finds this month

Operation ($2 missing a few bones)

Whac a Mole ($3 no hammers, LOVE the listening feature on hard level)

I Spy Game ($2 one missing card)

Lincoln Logs (two sets used to create this; we already owned one but it doesn't seem to build large enough structures, $3)

Pins .69 each but 50% off day means I got all three for around a buck. Ball was ours.

$3 weigh station

horse shoes $3

See you in June for more great activities!

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