Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Name Game

Learning Letters and Writing Your Name

Cornstarch over a laminated name print out

lentils over a laminated name

string name
 window crayons and cornstartch
Making his design

writing his name
Writing on the Nabi tablet
black paper and chalk

 Play Doh name
 Corn starch and water (1:1 ratio) plus a few drops of food coloring makes chalk paint
 Writing on his dry erase table
Writing in Play Doh (oil based clay works too and won't dry out I'm told)

Lego towers

Shaving Cream

Gradual Writing

Click for rhyme 

Bag Writing click for more

Letter toss. Use paper towel rolls cut up and labeled with child's name letters. Toss in order of spelling.

Find the letters in your name on nay word search.

Easter Eggs Name (Use white crayon to write name before dyeing)

Foam shoes...I glued on letters with Gorilla Glue

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