Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Activites

Stringing pool noodles through a jump room

Jumping in a pillow case on trampoline

Sun Flower Play Doh

Tin Foil river

Name Finding (letters)

Water Table

Play Doh Roads and Cars

Hula Hoop Play

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Angry Birds in real life! Walmart $8 on clearance

Denver Children's Museum

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

(1 part water, 1 part corn starch, food coloring)

 Noodle-bubble baseball


Trace A Face

We started on construction paper, but I didn't have tracing paper. White paper wasn't working. i then drew the same face options on the window using dry erase crayons.


We decided the finished product looked a lot like Daddy!

Play Doh Rainbow Valcano

Mixed colors of play doh formed like a valcano. Baking soda in the center (you'll have to add more as it reacts away). Colored vinegar to create the eruption and add some color.

DIY Corn Hole

T ball

DIY Giant dot to dot

I drew my image first. I layered another sheet of art paper over and created the lettering pattern. Easy!

Funny faces

Tip: draw on the opposite side that your kid's on or his face will be covered in dry erase crayon :)

BBQ Party Game

Number Matching

Name Roads

Fireman Numbers

I called out numbers that we're currently working on at random, although they are positioned in order to show, um, position

Straw and Paper Rockets

Pipe Cleaner Tower

Pipe cleaners, play doh, Cheerios.

Pirates Cove Water Park

Under the Table Fort

(dogs liked best)

Sticker Match Up


Caterpillar Chicken Roll

Dinosaur Jello

Name Trace

Using my trusty dry erase window crayons again.

Sandbox Beach Play

If I had to do it again, I'd buy the real sandbox with COVER for $20 instead of two pools (for sturdiness) for $20. This project took 5, 50 lb bags of sand o fill.

USO Show at Fort Carson

Thank you USO and MWR!

Magic Milk

Milk, food coloring, add dish soap to see the "show"

Crash Pad

Marble Squish Maze

Duct tape, gallon bad, marbles, dish soap

Coffee Filter Butterflies

That's plain water

Bubble Letter Hunt

Sand on the light table (projector)

Letter Bug Spray

We used this to review letters and sounds.

Sun Crayons

Thrift Store Finds

FREEEEEEEE Thomas costume from the AFB free cycle store.

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