Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Preschool Soccer!

Chris and I coached Caden's soccer team with the help of some friends in the unit. It was a lot of work. Coming up with fresh drills that promoted taking turns and basic soccer skills was no easy task. Lucky for you, I've compiled all our best ideas! Have fun!

Preschool Soccer Ideas

Skills:  Foot work, navigation, and control of ball
 Throw cones on ground, kids pick up with only feet (right-side up)
 “Tick Tock” Kids move back and forth between their two feet chanting “tick tock”
Red light, green light—dribble when coach says green; stop when coach says red.
Kids “draw” a square, triangle, rectangle, or circle with their ball in a confined space
 Figure Eight dribbling. Literally have them make an eight while dribbling individually. Cones help with this.
“Hot and Cold” Place about 8-10 cones all over the field. Mentally choose one cone to make the “it cone.
Have one child at a time dribbling around as you yell “hot, cold, warmer, etc.” until they find the it cone.
Blow up enough balloons (with air, not helium) for each kid. Either assign each kid a color and they kick across filled into goal, or place all over field and they run and get them all inside the goal.

Skill: Throwing ball in
Use hula hoop to make a target or your arms in a circle. Remember to have them throw with arms over head.

Skills: Kicking, aim, passing
 Build “trees” or “towers” with cones and saucers, kids kick down with or without ball
 Kick the ball through coach’s legs or “tunnel”
Kids form two lines facing each other and practice passing
Use inside of foot to pass/kick/score
Little, little, big kick sequence
Kids dribble ball through and around cones or “volcanoes"
Cone bowling, set up codes using 6 cones, kids bowl by kicking
Kids form a large square or triangle and practice passing

Skills: defense, goalie
Protect the cones. Line up cones. Have children stand in front to protect them while other shoot and try to knock them down. Can also do this in a circle but more complicated for younger ones.

Skills: running, offence
“Get the fox’s tail” kids chase a coach who has a “tail” (scarf, towel) and try to capture it

Skill:  running, dribbling, defense
Keep away from the coach. One, two, or three kids dribble and pass (if 2-3 kids) to one another down the field while the coach tries to steal the ball.
“Red Rover, Red Rover, Send ---- over” to dribble and/or kick a goal
Throw all colored dots all over the field. Give listening directions to dribble to scattered dots in a certain order. "Blue, purple, red!"
Roll a hula hoop, and they try to catch it for coordination (harder than it sounds to catch a hula hoop that's off and rolling!)

Skills: no hands
Hands on head while dribbling and receiving ball
Pop bubbles with only feet

Skills: endurance, following directions
Obstacle course:  we have two jump ropes (‘tight rope’ walking or narrow road with feet toe-to-heel walks or wide road where feet stay outside and kids have to squat a little), tunnel, hula hoop, colored dots (only step on a certain color or can’t step on a certain color)

The dots I refer to are the same ones we used for Life Size game featured in this post

This is the way I kept track of play time, a cookie sheet with all the kids' names for each quarter of the game. I used business magnets that are self-adhesive on the back to make the names magnetic.

 Complied by Stephanie Kilby MA.ED using;; preschooler.the and original concepts and variations

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  1. thank you for this I am a new soccer coach and know almost nothing about soccer this is a huge help heres to hoping that my 3&4 year olds will not know that I dont know the game