Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014

Home made bouncy balls!


Play doh, feathers, and bead play

Electrical outlet cover play doh monsters

Q tip & straw color match

add play doh for the trifecta

First sounds figure match


Letters with holes and no holes sort

Suck and release paper tansfer

Lentils magnet dig with magnetic wand

Popsicle Stick Shapes (get printables here)

I had to cut the sticks in half to make the star, but you can buy mini sticks

Backyard Kurpluck!

Rollie Pollie sensory wrap up

Heavy work rope pull. I attached a jump rope to the railing on the deck. He's pulling himself to the railing using hand over hand method.

Christmas light boy cave

Marble toe pick up
we placed them, with our toes, in a nearby bucket

then we used this bug collecting tool to work on hand strength and pick up the remaining marbles

painting rocks

Boggle Jr. $3 Arc

New edible play dough recipe for us, cornstarch and whipped cream-- 2 parts CS, 1 part WC

A new NON edible recipe for us, conditioner dough-- 2 parts CS, 1 part C

Our new tire swing

modge podge feather bowl

Paint sample color book

paint by letter

Tension rod curtain puppet show

Match the hooves play Doh game

Lemon (acid) eruptions

Hand and foot print art

 New card game

Tye Dye shirts

Sponge painting

Hand print for Daddy

Animal box dice -"Can you walk/ sound/ be this animal?"

Clothes Pin name letter match

Teddy Bear Bandaid match Want it? Here is the link!

Felt shape match from pasta box

Balloon glo

Ice Castle and water color paint

Easily confused numbers and letter color splat

Potato Masher Art

Thrift Store finds
Skates $5

Boggle Jr $3 (Above)
Inch Worm $5

Hoop free on curb out for trash pick up

Melissa & Doug sound puzzle $3 Arc

Turtle stencil graph, free at military only thrift store (spirograph)

Free Pampers reward for 12 months' loyalty Smart Pad

Digital camera $3 Arc (No cord, but our Scout Leap Frog one works. It holds 300 photos)

Bag of Little People and Duplos $4 Arc

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